Klemm 365:

Easily deduced from the title, “Klemm 365” is an ongoing series for The Year Our Lord 2018. With an ink brush sketch for each day of the year, the resulting catalogue will be compiled- alongside some small writing samples, and the like- for a coffee table book of sorts. Remarkably simple, yet ambitious given the my own inability to see a project through to completion. 

As for a greater understanding, or motive: there is none. Klemmentine, or Klemm as its come to be stylized as, is a gender-nondescript creature of grotesque proportions. A ghastly representation of pervasive, sociocultural paranoia, feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, et cetera. Moreover, no two Klemms are the same, just as experiential understanding perverts and corrodes from person to person- leaving a horde of these critters to exploit throughout the year. 


Who better to guide us through the unavoidable hell-scape that is (t)Rump’s presidency?