Photo by Larry Sims (@Larrydarlinn)

Photo by Larry Sims (@Larrydarlinn)


Jared Hines - Illustrator, Creative Director, Ren'n Playboy

Founded November of The Year Our Lord 2014, “Mom Left Me at Walmart. Again.” is the- often collaborative- creative effort of illustrator Jared Hines. The works having since been created are meant to play treacherous paranoia, masochism, and the laughable nature of contemporary American culture, against everyday objects and happenings. Absurdism in our mutual shortcomings, et cetera.

“To showcase a sort of duality between living on the razor’s edge, and the waning nostalgia we all seem to have for a time period in which we didn’t exist. This manifests itself in chain-smoking, inanimate objects, and a certain degree of absurdism. These are pieces for the grand absolver, the martyr, and the timeless prejudices that exist in the hearts and minds of mankind.”

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